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Brooklyn painters that do the job right is what Painter Patch will provide when you are looking to spruce up your property. That is because we are your source for locating high quality painters at a reasonable price. Our Brooklyn painters will deliver the results you are looking for and they do it with the utmost professionalism. We have the extensive experience, attention to fine detail, and courtesy that make us the best painters in Brooklyn, whether you are looking for residential or commercial services.

Interior Painters Brooklyn

Our interior Brooklyn painters enable you to show your individuality to your visitors that they will notice the moment they enter your home. They also give the same opportunity to commercial properties that would like to make a statement to their employees or visitors when they come walking through your doors. However, it does not happen by magic. It is a process and often starts with choosing the right colors. Our professional painters in Brooklyn provide you with all the options that align to your vision. Maybe you would like to have a home office painted or every office in your commercial building. Either way, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your painting project is a success.

Exterior Painters Brooklyn

You know the feeling of arriving at someone's property and noticing how their exterior looks. You have probably experienced this at both residential and commercial properties. The simple truth is that others are doing the same thing when they arrive at your property. The exterior of your property says so much about who you are and is the first thing people see. Our Brooklyn painters can enhance your exterior to give it just the look you want and provide that great first impression. It is quality you need and it is quality you will get. Our painters always use the highest quality materials and paint, provide a professional result, and keep you well informed of the process every step of the way. Get in touch with us for a great painter in Brooklyn.

Need help with your Brooklyn painting project?  Consider these options when picking a color for your bathroom.

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10 Fun Facts about Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn was originally called Breuckelen

Brooklyn is not exactly the first name for the area. It was orginally called Breuckelen, which means “Broken Land” or "marshland" in Dutch. The Dutch colonists called it this after the town of Breukelen in the Netherlands. The borough’s official motto is "Een Draght Mackt Maght," which translates to “In unity there is strength."

2. Brooklyn is larger than Manhattan in both square miles and population

Brooklyn has approximately 2.6 million residents to Manhattan’s 1.6 million. Brooklyn has approximately 71 square miles of land, whereas Manhattan has approximately 23 square miles. If Brooklyn were its own city, it would rank as the fourth largest in the country.

Painter Patch is here to help you find the best Brooklyn painters.

3. Brooklyn was once its own city

For most of the 1800s, Brooklyn was a city on its own operating independently outside of NYC. However, Brooklyn was integrated into NYC in 1898. Brooklyn's borders are the same as those of Kings County, which is why Brooklyn is sometimes referred to as "Kings." 

4. The Battle of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War

The Battle of Brooklyn was the first major battle for George Washington and his army during the Revolutionary War after independence was declared. British troops backed the American soldiers to the area of what is known today as Green-Wood Cemetery, Prospect Park, and Grand Army Plaza. Many lives were lost on this day.

5. How the Brooklyn Dodgers got their name

The Brooklyn Dodgers (now the Los Angeles Dodgers) were called many different names. First, they were known as the Brooklyn Grays. Later, their name was changed to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and then changed to the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. "Dodgers" refers to the time when Brooklyn had many trolley cars and people would try to ride them for free, thereby "dodging" the required fare.

We can help you with all your projects when looking for painters in Brooklyn NY.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge rises in the cold weather

Brooklyn would not be the same without its iconic Brooklyn Bridge. At extreme low temperatures, the bridge rises approximately three inches due to the expanding and contracting of the cables. It is also the world's first steel-wire suspension bridge.

7. The Teddy Bear was invented in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn store owner and his wife are given credit for inventing the teddy bear. The name “Teddy’s bear” is believed to be a reference to a bear Theodore Roosevelt did not shoot while on a hunting excursion during the year 1902.

8. Topps Company dumped valuable baseball cards in the Atlantic Ocean

In effort to make more room in its Brooklyn warehouse, Topps Company dumped many boxes of baseball cards that were not selling well into the Atlantic Ocean in 1960. The boxes contained many 1952 Mickey Mantle cards. These cards today in mint condition sell at auctions for approximately $500,000.

Painter Patch takes pride in finding you quality Brooklyn painters.

9. A bomb shelter was discovered under the Brooklyn Bridge 

bomb shelter built during the Cold War was discovered under the Brooklyn Bridge. In 2006, city workers found it while conducting a structural inspection. It was found inside one of the bridge's massive stone arches at its main entrance on the Manhattan side. The shelter was filled with medication used to treat shock, water drums, other medical supplies, packets of crackers, and blankets. 

10. Brooklyn and Nathan's Famous hot dogs

The original Nathan’s began 1916 with a hot dog stand on the corner of Surf Avenue and Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island. It was started by a Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker. Handwerker later called his stand Nathan’s Famous in 1921.

Learn more about Brooklyn here.


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