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CT painters for all your needs is what we provide. Painter Patch provides you Connecticut painters that deliver the best results for all your painting needs. We deliver top notch quality for your residential or commercial needs, whether you are looking to update the interior or the exterior of your property. Our CT painters have the experience and knowledge to handle any job, big or small. They have meticulous attention to detail and will respect your property as if it were their own. They also use nothing but the finest paint and materials to get the job done right. Whether you need just one room painted or an entire building, we are here to provide you the best value and a finished product that will stand the test of time.

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Finding painters in CT that will provide you with the results you want can be difficult. We are here to change that. Our licensed and insured Connecticut painters provide you the quality work you expect every time. They are experienced professionals who can handle the entire range of painting projects. From the very first call through to the completion of the project, you will know you are working with professionals. We understand that you are motivated and excited for a successful project and that is exactly what we will provide.

Exterior Painters CT

The exterior of your property should always be updated by qualified painters in CT so it always looks as good as possible. Whether you have residential or commercial property, you want to make sure it looks its best. After all, it is the first thing people see when they arrive. In addition to its appearance, it is also important that the exterior paint holds up to the changes in weather. It should not just look good upon completion, it should continue to look good long after the job is done. Our experienced Connecticut painters use high quality materials and have the technical knowledge to give you a great result every time.

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10 Fun Facts about Connecticut

1. Origin of the name Connecticut

The name Connecticut comes from the Algonquian word “Quinnehtukqut” and translates to "beside the long tidal river.” The name refers to the Connecticut River and it was established in the early 1600’s.

2. A little bit about Connecticut

Connecticut lies in the New England region in the northeast section of the country. Although only two states are smaller in area, it is the 29th most populous. Connecticut was one of the original 13 colonies and had a large part in the Independence War before it became the fifth state.

Painter Patch has the best painters in Connecticut for your residential or commercial project.

3. Home of the country's oldest library

Located in Salisbury, Connecticut, the Scoville Memorial Library is the oldest publicly funded free library in the United States. In 1771, Richard Smith used funds from the community to buy 200 books in London, England. These books were the start of the library's collection.

4. Connecticut has some interesting laws

Two of these laws reside in Harford where it is illegal to either fly a kite in the street or cross the street by walking on your hands. Devon is home to another strange law where it is illegal to walk backwards after sunset.

5. The hamburger was created in Connecticut

The first hamburger was put together in New Haven at a small restaurant called Louis’ Lunch, which is still in business today. The legend says that back in 1900, a customer was in a hurry and he asked for a meal that could be put together very quickly. Some cooked ground steak trimmings were thrown between two slices of bread and the first hamburger had been created.

We are proud to provide you with quality work from quality CT painters.


​6. The frisbee was invented in Connecticut

The first frisbee comes from Connecticut. In 1871, William Russell Frisbie came to Bridgeport, Connecticut to run what would later become the Frisbie Pie Company. The tins that were used for the pies were thrown around for enjoyment. The frisbee design was later mastered into today's gravity defying flying disc.

7. Connecticut is the Constitution and Nutmeg State

Connecticut has been named the Constitution State, referring to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. Drafted in 1639, they are considered the first written constitution. Connecticut has also been called the "Nutmeg State," because some people would try to sell fake nutmeg made of wood.

8. The first telephone book 

New Haven handled the first telephone exchange, with operators and switchboards for direct incoming and outgoing calls. In 1878, the first telephone book was issued in New Haven. The book had only 50 names and phone numbers.

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9. Connecticut is home to the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine

In 1954, the USS Nautilus  was built in Groton and became the first nuclear-powered submarine.  After her first cast off, the crewmen sent the words “Underway on nuclear power.” It is still in Groton and is used as a museum of submarine history for visitors to see.

10. The county's oldest newspaper

Started in 1764, Connecticut’s Hartford Courant is oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States. George Washington is known to have run ads in the paper to lease part of his Mount Vernon estate. Thomas Jefferson is known to have sued the paper for libel. He lost the lawsuit.

Learn more about Connecticut here.

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