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Manhattan painters is what Painter Patch provides to help you when it is time to give your property a fresh painting. Our Manhattan painters provide high quality work with a professional attitude every step of the way. We can help you paint one room in your home or your entire home, inside and out. We can also help you with Manhattan commercial painters, whether it is to paint an office or two, or your entire property. Our customers rely on us to provide quality and professionalism every step of the way and that is exactly what we do. We take pride in our work and our ability to provide you with excellent painting services in Manhattan.

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A paint job is unique because it says so much about the character of the interior of a home or office. It is something that people see the moment they enter your property. It is too important to be left in the hands of amateurs who fall short of the high quality result you need. Our Manhattan painters have the extensive experience and the technical knowledge to provide you with a professional outcome. They also use nothing but the highest quality paints and materials to ensure the result not only looks good on completion, but also for many years into the future.

Exterior Painters Manhattan

When you need exterior painters in Manhattan, we will be sure the job gets done right. Our Manhattan painters understand the difficulty that comes with painting the exteriors of buildings and how to do it properly. They know how to ensure that the result will hold up against the weather and last many years, not many months. Of course, the result also needs to look great. So, from appearance to durability, we've got you covered with the best painters in Manhattan. Get in touch with us today so that we can give your exterior paint job the enhancement it needs.

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10 Fun Facts about Manhattan

1. Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal is at 42nd Street for a specific reason

Manhattan has always been very dependent on trains. However, locomotives were very loud and gave off both steam and soot. This presented a major problem for the very crowded and populated streets of lower Manhattan. To combat this problem, the NYC government began to restrict locomotives south of 42nd Street in 1854. This was considered fairly north at the time. However, multiple train lines wanted to expand, so they decided to build a new joint train station right at the southern-most tip of the line. This station is Grand Central Terminal.

2. There is a 6½ Avenue in Manhattan

Located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues is a little known semi-hidden pedestrian walkway named 6½ Avenue. It's not quite a city street, instead it is a series of privately-owned public spaces that goes from 51st Street to 57th Street. However, there are still "6½ Ave" signs at each intersection.  

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3. You can get a run of green lights in Manhattan

Sometimes, if you catch it just right, you can get a long run of green lights. NYC has intentionally programmed it that way. On some Manhattan avenues, the traffic lights are programmed to help the flow of traffic. Cars that travel at just about the speed limit are most likely to have this experience.

4. It is unknown who bombed Wall Street in 1920

In 1920, a horse-drawn carriage pulled up right in front of the J.P. Morgan Building and let off a massive explosion. It is estimated that up to 100 pounds of dynamite and 500 pounds of shrapnel were released. Approximately 40 people lost their lives due to the explosion. No one was ever indicted for this horrible crime. Evidence of the blast still exists today, with the building at 23 Wall Street showing many visible scars.

5. There was almost a six-lane superhighway through Midtown Manhattan

Robert Moses was the architect behind many highways and bridges in the NYC area. In the 1940s and '50s, he devised a plan to connect the Lincoln Tunnel and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel with a six-lane superhighway. This superhighway would have stood 100 feet above the streets from Eighth Avenue to First Avenue along 30th Street. By the 1960s, NYC decided not to move ahead with the plan, mostly because it did not want to tear down much of 30th Street to enable people to drive from Long Island to New Jersey.

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6. Meaning of the word Manhattan

The word “Manhattan” has been translated to the “island of many hills.” This word was used by the Lenape Native Americans (Indians) in their indigenous Algonquian language. The language was largely spoken by the original residents of Manhattan.

7. Some buildings have their own zip codes

Obviously, many buildings in Manhattan are very large. However, some are so large that they are given a zip code of their own. One such building to have its own zip code is the Empire State Building in midtown. The zip code assigned to the 102 story skyscraper is 10118.

8. China created a life-sized replica of Manhattan

The forward thinking town of Tianjin in China is making strides to become one of the world’s largest financial centers. Those in charge of this effort decided to design the lay out the sector as a replica of Manhattan, including replicas of Rockefeller Center and the Hudson river. 

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9. Times Square uses extraordinary amounts of electrical power

Times Square in Manhattan uses approximately 161 megawatts of electrical power in one year. This is equivalent to the power needed to light up approximately 161,000 US homes and is twice the amount of power needed to handle every one of the casinos on the Las Vegas strip. 

10. Manhattan does have a Main Street

Main Street is often associated with small towns. The joke you might often hear is that Manhattan does not have a Main Street. However, this is not true. It's just not located within the island of Manhattan. Just skip over to the Roosevelt Island to visit Main Street. And yes, Roosevelt Island is part of Manhattan, so it does have a Main Street.

Learn more about Manhattan here.

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