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Painters in NYC are easy to find, but how do you know that the they do quality work? That is where Painter Patch comes in. We make finding great painters easy, because we do the work for you. We provide our service for all your painting needs. We can help you whether your NYC painting project is interior or exterior. We want you to be completely satisfied with the result and we provide professionalism throughout the entire process. Whether your project is a small residential project or a large commercial project in New York City, we will get you the outcome you are looking for. We take pride in our ability to have quality painters do a great job for our customers every time.

Interior Painters

Finding quality painters for your apartment or house is essential because it speaks directly to its personality and charm. When you look to have your rooms painted, it must be done by an experienced and professional NYC painter, not an amateur. People see the quality of your interior paint job the instant they come into your home or office, so you want them to feel warm and welcome. This is not something you want to leave to amateurs who may not provide the professional result you expect. Our NYC painters will give you that quality result because they have the necessary experience and "know how." They have been painting for many years and will not be satisfied until you are satisfied. They will treat your place like their own and get the job done right.

Exterior Painters

Hiring a painter to update the exterior of your property is no simple task. Even more so than interior painting, exterior painting comes with many complexities that require many years of experience to fully understand in order to get the job done right. Our painters in NYC have been down this road many times and know what it takes. They will ensure that your result will not only look great, but also hold up to the severe changes in weather we experience in New York City. So, from the appearance of the result to its longevity, we have the best NYC painters for your project.

Residential Painters

When it is time for a residential project, we have the professionals in NYC. We can handle every type of project, from one room in your home to the entire exterior of your entire house. Our professionals also use nothing but top quality materials. They treat your property as though it were their own and get you the result you expect. Contact us to your project started.

Commercial Painters

Painter Patch is your source for the best NYC commercial painters for all types of projects. They are experienced in the full range of interior and exterior painting services for businesses throughout NYC. You might be looking to update your office so that it better represents your business culture and goals. You might also be looking to update your exterior. Either way, our crew works with you to completely understand your vision and make it a reality. They also do it with the least disruption to your business as possible. They are there every step of the way.

Apartment Painters

You came to the right place to find the best apartment painters in NYC. Whether you are the tenant or management, our painters will provide the look you want. You might know exactly the color you want or you might want help choosing a paint color. Either way, we provide the painters to get your apartment where you want it. Our efficient and quality painting service hits the mark every time. 

Whether it is for your interior or exterior, we are the best NYC painters for the job. Big or small, our painters perform every job as though they were painting their own homes.  Contact us today to get your painting project done right.

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Need help with your NYC painting project? Here are some ideas for your living room paint color.

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Five NYC Painting Tips

1. Choose your paint sheen carefully


Flat sheens tend to hide imperfections, however surfaces with flat sheens are typically harder to clean than other sheens. Semi gloss and high gloss sheens are much easier to clean, but are considered by most to be too shiny to be used on your walls. Keep in mind the lighting at your space when determining your paint sheen.

Let Painter Patch find you the best NYC painters.

2. Blend your paint

Technology that mixes paint to provide a consistent color has come a long way. However, it is still not perfect, and colors can vary slightly in each container. Combine each paint container into a larger container to blend them together and ensure a consistent color for your project.

3. Use dropcloths to protect your furnishings

We often use alternatives to dropcloths, but this is rarely a good idea. Using plastic or an old sheet does not do as good a job protecting your floors from paint than a real dropcloth.

4. Always use primer before painting 

Even when you are going over the same or similar color, it is best to use primer. Primer will seal imperfections and help ensure you get a smooth finish. You can always use a primer and paint combination if you are looking to do the job in one coat. 

We find you the best painters in NYC for all your project needs.

5. Don't cheap out on the brushes

You might think that because you are only painting once, it makes no sense buy expensive brushes. Think again. Even if you only plan on painting your space once, the bristles on cheap brushes will fall out and you will have them all over your wall. Better brushes also provide a noticeably better result. 


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