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How to use online tools to help you with your paint color selection

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It is often difficult to pick a color for your walls. You probably have a certain preference in mind, but how can you tell for sure if you are picking the right color? After all, there are literally thousands of paint color options. The swatches we are used to seeing are so small, it is not an easy task to imagine the color on the entire wall - never mind what it might look like in the entire room.

The good news is that technology is our friend and it has come a long way. There are now online tools that will help you select the color you want. We have to admit, these are pretty cool.

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Paint Color Exploration Tools

There are several paint color tools online, but they all boil down to two basic types. The first is the color exploration tool. This is basically viewing color swatches online. You can go through all the available colors and pick the one(s) that you like best. Many times, the tool will include a furnished room where the wall color changes to the color you select. This gives you a much better idea of how the color will look compared to just viewing the swatches themselves.

Check out this tool from Sherwin Williams.

This is a great way to find inspiration and hone in on colors you want. You probably want to try multiple colors with different sheens and hues to be sure you select the right one. Colors do vary based on the resolution on your computer or phone screen.

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After you have selected your colors, you can get free swatches or even samples of the paint to confirm it is the color for you.

Paint Color Visualization Tools

The second online tool is the paint visualizer tool. This also enables you to choose colors without leaving your home. The cool part is that it allows you to upload a picture of the space in your home that you want to paint. From there, you can select a color and your photo will be immediately updated with that color.

Check out the tool here.

Using the tool will enable you to quickly determine the color you want. It also includes another cool feature. After you select the color you want, the tool will email you your color selection along with the updated image. This way, you can send it to anyone who you would like to receive advice or feedback. Or perhaps you just want to brag about your awesome color selection. You can also post the picture on social media. Additionally, the tool helps you with locating and purchasing the colors you choose.

Personal Color Consultation

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