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The 9 Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the house. This makes it a great candidate for painting projects that can be done relatively quickly. You can refresh the space in one day and give your home a nice lift, which makes the bathroom a great choice for frequent updates.

Choosing the best paint color for your bathroom, however, can be difficult. You first need to take a moment to consider your preferences, as this will impact your color selection. You might prefer more of a classic paint color or you might prefer more of a trendy color that will give your bathroom a modern or bold look. Either way, you are faced with seemingly unlimited choices of hues and shades. With all these options, it can seem like a daunting task to pick the right bathroom paint color.

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When choosing a bathroom paint color, start with what is already in the room. Take a long look at your fixtures and accents. Consider your flooring, shower, toilet, hardware, etc. to get an idea of the color you want. Do you want to complement the existing features of your bathroom and bring everything together? Or do you want to contrast them? Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Neutrals are a great option and always work for a bathroom

  • Soft pinks and blush hues are trending right now

  • Greens can be a calming influence, but go for a lighter shade

  • Blues of any shade can work for the right bathroom

Thankfully, when looking for a color, technology is on your side and you can view endless paint colors right from the comfort of home. There are several online tools that allow you to not only view colors, but you can see how they would look in your home. Some tools even allow you to upload an image of your room and that image is updated with your color selections right on the screen. However, be mindful that colors can vary based on your screen resolution and the lighting in your bathroom. We recommend that you always order a swatch or paint sample to confirm the color is right for you. Once you confirm the color is correct, then you can go ahead and purchase the paint.

Check out this blog for more information on these online tools.

To help you along the way, here are 9 paint colors that we believe are sure to make your bathroom painting project a success.


We just had to start with white. We all know that a bright white paint color can bring an open and airy feeling to just about any room. This is particularly true for smaller bathrooms and those that lack sufficient natural or artificial light. White of course is a neutral color, but it can easily add warmth to your bathroom. Suggested White: Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin Williams


Taupe can work in many rooms of the house and the bathroom is no exception. It is a neutral color that does wonders to pull in other accents that are already present. We recommend that you go with lighter shades of taupe for the bathroom. Suggested Taupe: Smokey Taupe 983 by Benjamin Moore Painter Patch is your source for Long Island painters. Click to get started.


Gray has been extremely popular over the past few years and for good reason. It is essentially a timeless paint color that will work with just about anything else that is in the room, which opens up your options for all types of decor. Suggested Gray: Ozark Shadows AC-26 by Benjamin Moore

Navy Blue

Navy Blue is making a strong comeback and can make a bold statement. Lighter linens will contrast well against the darker background. Consider Navy Blue for an accent wall if you are reluctant to use it for the entire bathroom. Suggested Navy Blue: Old Navy 2063-10 by Benjamin Moore


Yes, Black. What makes more of a statement than going with black walls? It contrasts especially well with light colored wall tiles or a light colored tub. Any type of linen will also contrast well against the black walls. Suggested black: Black Magic PPG1001-7 by PPG

Sage Green

Sage Green is greatly increasing in popularity and there is no sign of that slowing down. It makes for such a wonderful color in the bathroom. It is a neutral and it offers versatility for your bathroom accents. Bonus points if you have wood, stone or marble already present in your bathroom. Suggested Sage Green: Hazy Sage GLN27 by Glidden

Forest Green

While on the topic of green, let’s talk about another green. Forest green is also increasing in popularity. It is the Navy Blue of the Green family. It is both bold and earthy, so you can also consider Forest Green as an accent color. Anything lighter in color will contrast very well, yet it leaves you with a modern, novel vibe. Suggest Forest Green: New Forest 93-28A by Valspar


Tan is an underutilized color in the home. Sometimes it can get a bad rap as being too plain or boring. But fear not, there are plenty of tan shades that are rich, stylish, and far from boring. You can be ahead of the curve with tan, as it is likely to make strong gains in popularity over the next few years. Consider combining with natural elements in the room. Suggested Tan: Perfect Tan N280-4 by Behr


Stonewash is a classic color that will give your bathroom a timeless and elegant appeal. It is a versatile color and can be a warm complement to wood and metal accents. It is often a go to color selection for those looking for a farmhouse style design. Suggested Stonewash: Marquee PPU8-15 by Behr


The quiet calmness of pale straw makes for a great bathroom paint color. It brings warmth into the space and gives off feelings of comfort and coziness. We recommend using straw with white or off white trim. Suggested Strew: Straw Harvest SW 7698 by Sherwin Williams

See more bathroom color options here.

Color options can seem overwhelming. Painter Patch can help you with your color selection and provide you with experienced professional Long Island painters. Click here to see all our services and get started with free quotes.

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