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Staten Island painters who treat your home or office like it is their own is what leads to a great result. You're proud of your home or business in Staten Island, as you should be. You want it to be taken care of properly, both inside and out. One of the easiest and cost effective ways to enhance your property is to have fresh paint applied to its interior or exterior. You might know exactly the look that you want or you might not know and you are looking for guidance on what would work well for you. Either way, Painter Patch is here to provide the best painters in Staten Island. We will help you whether your need is interior or exterior, or for your residential or commercial property.

Interior Painters Staten Island

Painting your home is something we do with pride. You have your individual taste and we enjoy bringing it to life. Whether you are looking to paint over your existing colors or looking for something completely new, our professional painters in Staten Island will provide you with the quality work you need. The same can be said for a commercial property. You might be looking to freshen up the office or perhaps you are looking for a complete transformation. Either way, we will give you the expert professional service from our Staten Island painters that it takes to ensure a quality result.

Exterior Painters Staten Island

Staten Island is subject to great changes in weather. You have your hot summers and your cold winters. When working with Staten Island painters for the exterior of your property, you must know that the highest quality of paint and materials are used. If not, you will begin to see peeling and cracking only months after the job is complete. Our painters use only the highest quality paints and materials, so you know you will get the maximum amount of time from your investment. In addition to the longevity of your project, you also know that our experienced professional painters will provide a beautiful looking result each and every time.

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10 Fun Facts about Staten Island

1. Staten Island tried to succeed from NYC

Due to frustrations with the City Council, some Staten Island politicians wanted to leave NYC and become a separate City of Staten Island. Many people on Staten Island supported the movement, but it was eventually struck down. Other talks of secession have come up from time to time, but Staten Island is still a New York City borough. 

2. Staten Island has many of the city’s oldest buildings

Staten Island has many buildings that go back to the 17th century and have historical significance. Examples include House Park, where peace talks took place during the American Revolution and the 19th century childhood home of Alice Austen that was built in 1690.

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3. The origin of the name “Staten Island” is from the Dutch 

Many of the first settlers on Staten Island were Dutch. After they settled around the year 1630, they named it after the Staten-Generaal, the legislature of the Netherlands that outlines their highest form of government. It wouldn't be officially named "Staten Island" until 1975.

4. It is unclear why Staten Island is not part of New Jersey

In the year 1664, the British Duke of York ruled that the Hudson River would serve as the divider of New York and New Jersey. However, that does not help with what to do with the islands in the New York harbor, like Staten Island. Some believe Staten Island was given to New York because of its small size, but that has not been verified by historians.

5. It is the location of a Tibetan art museum

Staten Island is where you can find the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art. Exhibits include ritual artifacts, scroll paintings, musical instruments, and many artworks. You can even take Tai Chi and meditation courses on your visit.

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6. Game of Thrones Westeros was inspired by Staten Island

The inspiration for this fictional world came from Staten Island. George R.R. Martin, who lived in New Jersey, used the island’s shape as he was developing the idea of Westeros. 

7. Staten Island was invaded by wild turkeys

Wild turkeys tried to move in on the Dongan Hills area around the year 2000. They caused much havoc to the neighborhood, regularly causing traffic problems and other annoyances. Eventually, the turkeys were taken away to a sanctuary in upstate New York.  

8. Staten Island was a vacation destination

Prior to the Verrazano Bridge construction in 1964, Staten Island was a hip vacation spot. In the summer months, people would enjoy the beach and many homes were present along the water.  

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9. Staten Island once had the world’s largest landfill

Over the course of many years, nearly 150 million tons of garbage was sent to Fresh Kills Landfill. After it closed in 2001, the long process of transforming the huge 2,200-acre area into a public park was under way.  The park opened in 2012, however it is not expected to be fully competed until at least 2035.

10. The Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island is the only borough that is not a part of the city's complex subway system. The Staten Island Ferry is available to get across the harbor to and from Manhattan. The ferry also attracts many tourists for its views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan.

Learn more about Staten Island here.

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